Project Civica

Uniting Americans to restore liberty through civic action.


Inherently defined within our system of government is the stewardship responsibility of its people and the ability to exercise powers of oversight for the preservation of liberty. The potential energy created by a group of freedom-loving individuals motivating and mentoring one another, can resolve today’s challenges that are restricting our lives and threatening our future. Think about the possibilities when our ideas and abilities are put into action. Then act on those ideas. We can do this together.

Americans to Americans, New Yorkers to New Yorkers, from Long Island to Western New York, there’s a new energy inspiring each other to restore our oversight and governance of our beloved Constitutional Republic.

Immediate 2024 Action Initiatives

I. Get Out the Vote and Registration Efforts: Research, plan and implement efforts to inspire Americans to vote. Learn more.

II. Poll Watcher Training: Research, learn and develop a plan to train New Yorker’s to observe the complete election process to ensure elections that follow the law. Learn more.

III. Registration Challenges: Research and develop legal ways to challenge irregularities locally to preserve accurate elections. Learn more.

IV. Common Sense Contract With New York: Find and support candidates to run for office who will support 7 common- sense nonpartisan initiatives so that NY citizens have a choice in every race. Learn more.